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NiltechCorp is serving in very different and unique fields all across the world. In India, we have started Niltech R&D Pvt Ltd (A Subsidiary Company of NiltechCorp) for creating a One Stop Solution for all your Technological Needs. We have assembled a Multi-Disciplinary Team because Today's High End Products are blend of several Technologies including Software, Electronics, Battery Packs, Home Automation , Industrial Automation, Fabrication, Web Technologies, Applications, Web Servers, Education , Digital Advertisements , Security and many more. Not only that, We believe that almost every product can be made better by adding a touch of Machine Learning & AI to it.

Every maker and visionary like you who have ever built a product will know the pain of running to several vendors and service providers for different parts of project. And again as all the individual part of projects are done by different people, integrating them together is another challenge for you. We at Niltech take all the hassle from your head and take care of every part of your project. You give us your idea and it's our responsibility to research on it, work on it & put all efforts to make it a reality. Also, Our Client Base speak for our quality.
Software Development 100%
IoT 100%
Industry Automation 100%
Manufacturing Solutions 95%


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Why Choose Us?
Niltech R&D Pvt Ltd (A Subsidiary Company of Niltech Corp) is one of the few rare companies with capabilty and vision to provide you multiple different services which you will need for your project. We currently deal in Hardware, Software, Electronics, Fabrication, Machine Learning, AI, Web Services, Application, IoT, Advance Image Processing, Power Efficient Electronics and many more. We have already built and delivered thousands of solutions to our Clinets successfully. We are working tirelessly to increase the list.
If Niltech does many things, doesn't that affect quality?
We have dedicated Teams for individual Technologies who are expert in their own field. These Teams are made up of highly skilled individuals even from companies like Microsoft, Infosys etc. These teams come together to build your product. Also for high efficiency and Standards Niltech uses a very unique Management Software which allows multiple Teams working on different technologies to collaborate together in a very organised way while working on any particular Project.
Doesn't getting One Stop Solution increases the cost?
No. Niltech Pvt Ltd is having a diverse Client Base and diverse revenue sources which makes sure of a win win situation. In most cases, taking service from us will cost you lesser as you will not waste any time and money on mistakes and miscommunication. Also, as we are doing this day in and day out, We know how to optimize processes and cut down cost as a whole. Our suppliers love us for consistence purchases which makes our procurement costs go down. Overall, We are very efficient in all aspect.

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