Terms and Conditions


The agreement is between “NUGATORY INHERITS LUMINESCENCE TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD, Hyderabad” hereinafter referred to as “NILTECH” and “FULL LEGAL NAME OF CLIENT/ COMPANY” hereinafter referred to as “CLIENT ”.

Terms & Conditions: Please acknowledge your agreement to the terms of this letter by signing below and handing over signed letter to the undersigned. Please note that this Project and the Project Agreement is not confirmed by NILTECH until NILTECH verifies a signed copy of this letter.

1. CLIENT should prefer to communicate regarding the project via WhatsApp using the registered number only. The Official Customer Support number for NILTECH is mentioned below.
2. CLIENT should make phone calls only when very necessary and verified by NILTECH. Phone Calls will be scheduled as per Developer’s Availability. There should be a conscious effort to maintain single point of communication for any type of information exchange during the agreement period.
3. CLIENT agrees to allow enough time for completion of the Project/ Product. Multiple Periodical updates or Delivering a small parts of Project may not be possible.
4. CLIENT agrees to allow appropriate time for response to his/her queries as our Developer’s will be occupied with several other Corporate Projects as well.
5. CLIENT agrees to the information that Project once started cannot be cancelled. This Agreement will be governed by the extant laws of land.
6. CLIENT must use allocated resources only for the purposes approved by NILTECH within the agreed timings and using it for any other purpose will be taken as breech in agreement. If the allocated resource is an employee of NILTECH then no personal communication should be done. All the communications must be done through the channel approved by NILTECH.
7. CLIENT is not entitled to withhold payment or make any deduction from the quoted price of the goods and services in respect of any set-off or counterclaim.
8. NILTECH Developer will start working on the project only after Project Advance Amount (Generally 50% of Overall Cost) is paid and verified by NILTECH.
9. Payment within 30 days of Receipt of Material in case of Central Government Organizations only with official P.O.
10. NILTECH may provide temporary mail ID, credential &/or access to services/software. Thousands of people use NILTECH services, and we are proud of the trust placed in us. In exchange, we trust CLIENT to use our services responsibly and, in the way, prescribed. NILTECH shall not be held liable for any type of misuse.
11. NILTECH will issue a refund amount if NILTECH developers approve that the requirements mentioned in the Project Agreement cannot be achieved in acceptable proximity.
12. NILTECH will get the project done as per the requirements mentioned. Making of any change(s) needs to be verified by NILTECH and may incur extra cost.
13. NILTECH will deliver/execute the Project only after Complete Payment of the Overall Cost of the Project is done by the CLIENT and verified by NILTECH with no exception.
14. NILTECH puts their best efforts to complete the project in time but is not entitled to pay any penalty or fine if the project gets delayed due to any reason whatsoever.
15. NILTECH will keep all information provided by CLIENT relating to business and/or idea plans, discussions, research, graphic design, and process in strict confidence.
16. NILTECH puts efforts to complete the Project in-time but is not entitled to pay any penalty or fine if the project gets delayed due to any reason whatsoever.
17. NILTECH maintains transparency on status of the project although giving continuous status updates to CLIENT mayn’t be possible due to the Nature of work.
18. All copyright, design right and other intellectual property in any design, specification, process, method of working or other information relating to Goods or Services shall vest all-time in the name NILTECH. NILTECH only grants to the Customer an irrevocable license to use unless specified in an official agreement/MoU.
19. Asking for personal contact numbers, contacting on Personal Social Media profiles or approach the resource directly now or in future will be considered as breach in agreement.
20. NILTECH reserves the right to drop the project in case of breech of agreement. This Agreement will be governed by the extant laws of the land.
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Niltech Pvt Ltd (A Subsidiary Company of Niltech Corp) is one of the few rare companies with capabilty and vision to provide you multiple different services which you will need for your project. We currently deal in Hardware, Software, Electronics, Fabrication, Machine Learning, AI, Web Services, Application, IoT, Advance Image Processing, Power Efficient Electronics and many more. We are working tirelessly to increase the list.
If Niltech does many things, doesn't that affect quality?
We have dedicated Teams for individual Technologies who are expert in their own field. These teams come together to build your product. Also for high efficiency and Standards Niltech uses a very unique Management Software made by Microsoft which allows multiple Teams working on different technologies to collaborate together in a very organised way while working on any particular Project.
Doesn't getting One Stop Solution increases the cost?
No. Niltech Pvt Ltd is having a diverse Client Base and diverse revenue sources which makes sure of a win win situation. In most cases, taking service from us will cost you lesser as you will not waste any time and money on mistakes and miscommunication. Also, as we are doing this day in and day out, We know how to optimize processes and cut down cost as a whole. Our suppliers love us for consistence purchases which makes our procurement costs go down. Overall, We are very efficient in all aspect.

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